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Zeitgeist: The Movie is the first movie in the Zeitgeist series of documentaries by the social activist and independent filmmaker Peter Joseph. This 2007 film asserts conspiracy theories in three main areas: 1) it presents an alternative theory for the September 11th terrorist attacks, 2) it asserts that Jesus was a fictional character (the Christ myth theory), and 3) it goes into great detail about the way in which Joseph believes the banks manipulate the international monetary system for power.

The film was produced on a not-for-profit basis and released immediately for free viewing on an official Zeitgeist website. The film has attracted some criticisms from those who believe it contains inaccuracies, with some dismissing the film as propaganda. Joseph did take on board the criticisms and re-released the film with some minor edits and additions (Zeitgeist: The Final Edit). The updated version, which is 10 minutes longer than the original, is the version embedded here on this site.

The film was screened at various film festivals and collected a few ‘best documentary’ awards, it has received a lot of praise for the quality of the edit, the finished product is of exceedingly high quality considering the total budget for the production was just $7000. A further two Zeitgeist documentaries have since been completed and released straight into the public domain, both can be watched on DocumentaryVine:


In March 2017 BenBella Books published Peter Joseph’s first book, The New Human Rights Movement, in which Joseph puts forward his ideas for a new model of society. It is available to purchase in paperback, hardback, kindle and audiobook formats.

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