Zeitgeist: Addendum

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Zeitgeist: Addendum is the sequel to the to the hugely popular but controversial documentary Zeitgeist: The Movie, both produced by independent filmmaker and social activist Peter Joseph. While the first film focuses on organised religion, 9/11, and an assertion that all three major wars of the 20th century were waged for economic gain, this sequel concentrates primarily on the monetary system and advocates a new resource based system devised from the theories of the futurist Jacque Fresco.

The sequel was produced as a result of many critics of the first film pointing out that whilst Joseph had criticized modern-day capitalist monetary systems he had not put forward any ideas for alternatives. Like the first movie it was released straight into the public domain for free viewing online and was watched an estimated 70 million times within the first few months of release.

A third and final film was released in 2011 to complete the trilogy, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. Joseph has stated that no fourth film will be forthcoming as he intends to work on other projects.


In March 2017 BenBella Books published Peter Joseph’s first book, The New Human Rights Movement, in which Joseph puts forward his ideas for a new model of society. It is available to purchase in paperback, hardback, kindle and audiobook formats.

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