Young, Nazi and Proud

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Young, Nazi and Proud is a 2004 investigative documentary by Channel 4 Dispatches into the youth wing of the far-right British Nationalist Party, it focused on the leader of the Young BNP Mark Collett a Business graduate in his early twenties.

Collett allowed the producers into his life for six months for the production of the documentary, but was shocked at the end of filming when the filmmaker David Modell revealed that he had captured some video of him professing views which were sympathetic towards the policies of Hitler and National Socialism. The documentary won a BAFTA.

This is not the only documentary exposing the views of Mark Collett, an earlier 2002 production by Russell Brand also exposed some of his racist views (See: Re:brand – Nazi Boy). Also broadcast in 2004 was the BBC undercover investigation The Secret Agent which exposed the racist views of Mark Collett, BNP Leader Nick Griffin, and BNP co-founder John Tyndall.

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