World War II in HD

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World War II in HD is a 10 part 2009 History Channel television series which makes use of rare film which was shot in colour rather than black and white footage which has been digitally colourised like some other similar series. Numerous veterans appear on camera to tell their combat stories, with their first hand accounts inter cut with original colour footage from combat. The series was made by the same people who produced the six part 2009 History Channel series Vietnam in HD which follows a similar format.

The first run of the series saw two episodes per day broadcast over a period of five days, we have all ten of the episodes available to watch here on Documentary Vine. Navigate between the episodes using the numbered tabs beneath the video player or the episode link list below.  In 2010 a further feature length episode was broadcast which focused on combat in the sky (see: WWII in HD: The Air War).

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To watch in without the interruption of adverts consider purchasing the 3-disc DVD box set, it is also available on Blu-Ray.

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