The World’s Worst Place To be Gay?

Published on 1st April 2016 by

British BBC 1 Radio DJ visits Uganda to create this 2011 documentary to explore the issue of homosexuality in the landlocked African country of Uganda, at a time when the countries government was trying considering introducing the death penalty for homosexuality.

He meets with the people in Uganda who were leading the hate campaign at the time, as well as numerous gay Ugandan’s who were risking their lives by practicing their homosexuality and attending clandestine gay events. After the filming of the documentary one of the leading gay rights campaigners in Uganda was murdered.

Whilst Uganda is no doubt among the worlds worst places to be gay the title is probably slightly misleading, it doesn’t explain why Uganda is any worse than the other 36 African countries to declare homosexuality illegal, the entire continent of Africa is becoming a very dangerous place to be openly gay. Also worth a watch is the BBC documentary How Gay Is Pakistan? 

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