World’s Scariest Drug

Published on 1st February 2016 by

Vice documentaries never fail to teach people new things, and this one is no different. Have you ever heard of a drug called Scopolamine? Otherwise known as ‘The Devil’s Breath’? No, neither had I. In this film Ryan Duffy of Vice visits Colombia in search of a drug which is said to be so powerful that it renders the consumer completely capable of exercising free will, effectively making them completely submissive to the orders or requests of others. It has as a result been used as a date rape drug and a means of robbery and it can kill in relatively low doses.

The crew go on search for a supply of the drug and take various first hand accounts from people who have experienced the drug. They end up buying a gram from a bar but bottle out of trying it after hearing some incredibly fucked up stories. It could be argued, by the way, that the actual scariest drug in the world was covered by Vice in their film Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug.

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