World War II In Colour

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World War II in Colour is an epic 13 episode long syndicated television documentary series recounting the major events of World War 2 and presenting them in full colour, it was first broadcast in the UK in 2008 and later syndicated to the US where it was broadcast by the Military Channel in 2009. The footage used is both original colour footage and colourised footage, where black and white film has been converted to colour using modern technologies.

The thirteen episodes together have a total running time of approximately 10 hours and 33 minutes, and we have all episodes to watch here on Documentary Vine (navigate the episodes via the numbered tabs beneath the video player or use the episode list below). Also check out the 2003 series World War 1 in Colour.

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If you enjoyed this series you may be interested in the 2017 book The Second World War in Colour, published by the Imperial War Museum and packed full of high quality colour photographs from the IWM’s archives which illustrate the most destructive war in history.

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  • Toobee03461 4 months ago

    Every documentary says Hitler comitted suicide. I’m not convinced. There’s never been one single shred of evidence.
    There’s a higher probability that he’d made plans to escape. Argentina was a popular place for Germans to hide.


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