World War 1 in Colour

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World War 1 in Colour is a six part documentary series narrated by Northern Irish actor Kenneth Branagh and first aired in the UK on Channel 5 in 2003, it was also released on DVD in the US with the title World War 1 in Color two years later in 2005. The documentary consists of extensive colourised footage from World War 1 as well as interviews with various World War 1 veterans, all of whom have since passed away, and was made with the cooperation of the Imperial War Museum.

We have all six episodes of the series available to watch here on Documentary Vine, navigate them using the numbered tabs beneath the video player above or by using the link list below. The seventh episode ‘Tactics & Strategy’ is a special extra 52 minute long episode which came with the DVD but was not broadcast on television, and the eighth episode ‘Making the Series’ is a 15 minute long behind-the-scenes feature which is also a DVD extra. You may also be interested in watching the 13 part documentary series World War II in Colour (2008).

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The series is available as a 2 disc DVD in both region 1 (North America) and region 2 (Europe), with three episodes per disc, a great gift idea for anybody who may appreciate being able to watch the episodes at the highest possible quality.

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  • J Herring 7 months ago

    Watching footage of World War I makes me realise how far the human race has progressed and evolved in one hundred years, particularly when it comes to technology. Wars will never be fought this way again.

  • blake564 12 months ago

    This colourisation of the images in this series isn’t as high quality as it is in the second world war equivalent, but I suppose that is to be expected because the original images would be 20 years older?

    • J Herring 7 months ago

      Some of the footage from World War II in HD Colour was actually original footage captured in colour (not colourised). I was surprised that they had colour cameras then, but apparently so!


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