Wombs for Rent in India

Published on 27th March 2016 by

In this documentary Wombs for Rent in India, we get to learn about surrogate mothers. India is “one of the world’s leading centres” for surrogate motherhood. Many babies are born through surrogacy and may never have any idea who gave birth to them.

Surrogate mothers get paid for their service,and generally for any and all medical costs during the pregnancy and the delivery. It’s not often that first time mothers get to be surrogates as the baby’s biological parents want someone with more experience being pregnant and raising children. In India, the cost of a surrogate mother is considerably cheaper than it is in other places and that alone causes parents to go there instead so they don’t have to pay a higher price back home.

There’s a special housing arrangement this documentary focuses on; a house that consists of surrogate mothers who are looked after and cared for during their pregnancies. While the conditions could be worse, it’s not ideal. So, why would someone want to be a surrogate parent? Is it the money they receive, the feeling of joy they get from helping a couple who can’t have kids, their love for babies and for being pregnant, or a combination?

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