The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

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An 83 minute long independent 2003 documentary directed, produced and edited by Judy Irving. The film chronicles the relationship between a flock of feral parrots and an unemployed musician named Mark Bittner in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco. Bittner was living rent-free in a cabin in Telegraph Hill at the time of filming and would regularly feed the parrots and interact with them in the process. The film focuses not only on Bittner’s six year long relationship with the parrots but also on relationships between individual parrots.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill was financed by individual donations and was premiered at the Austin Film Festival on October 9th 2003, it was later aired by PBS in 2007 as part of its Independent Lens series. The musical score for the film was created by former Van Morrison guitarist Chris Michie who passed away before the film was completed, Irving decided to dedicate the film to Michie. An accompanying book of the same name was authored by Mark Bittner and published to accompany the film’s release.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary upload is currently trailer only due to the original source video being removed, we will replace the embed should a free version appear online again. In the meantime it can be streamed or purchased from


Mark Bittner wrote a book about his six year long relationship with the flock of parrots, also titled The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, it became a New York Times bestseller and is available to purchase in paperback and hardcover formats. It has not yet been digitalised for Kindle.

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