What’s In My Baggie?

Published on 18th March 2016 by

A documentary which highlights the problem of drugs being misrepresented, most users have no idea what is actually in the bag of powder they buy. The makers makers of this documentary stumbled across a group called the Bunk Police at a festival who ran a testing tent which tested peoples drugs for them to ensure that they had received the substance that they paid for, they were surprised at just how many people entered the tent with fake drugs and decided to make a documentary following the Bunk Police to musical festivals around America.

They spent two months on the road filming and the result is this excellent 2014 documentary What’s In My Baggie? The primary thing that you can learn from watching the film is that if you MDMA from the street it will probably contain bath salts /mephedrone, or meth amphetamine, and very little or no MDMA. The same applied to cocaine, which would usually consist primarily of amphetamine or methamphetamine.

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