What the Romans Did For Us

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What the Romans Did for Us is a six part 2000 BBC documentary series which looks as the innovations and inventions that were brought to Britain by the Roman invaders, the title is a humorous play on a Monty Python sketch which contained the famous line “What have the Romans done for us?”. The series presents a long list of things that exist in Britain because of the arrival of the Romans.

The series was so popular that there were several other BBC series produced which followed a similar format, these were What the Victorians Did for Us (2001), the What the Tudors Did for Us (2002), What the Stuarts Did for Us (2002), What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us (2003), and What the Ancients Did for Us (2005).

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An accompanying book written by Peter Wilkinson, What the Romans Did for Us, was published by Boxtree. It is available in paperback format only.

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