What In The World Are They Spraying?

Published on 26th February 2016 by

For many years now there has been a popular conspiracy theory floating around about the trails left behind by jet craft, they have been referred to as ‘chem trails’ which implies that the government is intentionally spraying chemicals of some sort on the population below. Some of the footage online is rather convincing, showing criss-cross patterns which suggest that the aircraft were not merely travelling from A to B but intentionally covering a large area of land with a substance of some sort.

What In the World Are They Spraying? Is a documentary which asserts that geo-engineering is being used by governments, scientists and corporations in order to change the global climate, control the weather, and change the composition of soil and water resources. Governments have admitted that research has been conducted into geo-engineering techniques but insist that they are not being put into practice, the film provides supposed evidence that it has been underway since at least 1990 and has had massive implications on eco-systems and human health. The film asserts that the human population is being sprayed with toxic substances without our knowledge or consent.

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