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In 2011 Robb Leech completed the award winning documentary My Brother The Islamist which followed his attempts to reconnect with his step brother who a few months before filming begun had converted to Islam under the guidance of infamous preacher Anjem Choudary. He followed that up with the 2013 documentary My Brother The Terrorist in which he explored his brothers journey from convert to convicted terrorist.

He begins his third documentary, Welcome to the Mosque (2015) by stating that he has a complicated relationship with Islam. He isn’t wrong. In this film he enters Europe’s biggest muslim community in the East End of London, specifically the East London Mosque, the first time he visited the mosque it was with his step brother. The mosque had invited Leech back so he could find out what life was like inside the mosque for the 2 million people who visit it each year.

Leech wanted to use the film to explore what life was like for ordinary muslims but during filming the news broke that two local London schoolgirls had fled Britain to join up with Isis in Syria, the film then focuses on the mosque’s response to that event.

NB: Unfortunately this upload is currently trailer only, due to the source video having been removed. We will replace the embed if the full version becomes available to watch for free again.
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