Welcome To Macintosh

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Welcome To Macintosh is a 2008 documentary which looks back on the history of Apple Corporation, with a focus on their first lines of Macintosh computers and the way that they managed to successfully package the latest technology into an a product which was affordable to the typical middle class American family. The title of the documentary ‘Welcome to Macintosh’ was the startup message that users would see when they switched on their computer.

The documentary studies the companies culture and philosophies, some of which are still practiced in the corporation even today. Numerous important figures in the companies history appear in the film, including the engineers Andy Hertzfeld and Jim Reekes, although notably absent from the film are the two founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The film was shown at five film festivals in 2008 and then released on DVD, the DVD is notable for containing some 3 hours of extras and deleted scenes. Wozniak has been quoted as saying that the film is the best independent film about Apple he has ever seen.


If you loved this documentary then consider purchasing on DVD to watch in the highest quality, the DVD is notable for coming with 3 hours of extras and deleted scenes.

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