Wastings & Pain

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Wastings & Pain is a 2010 documentary produced by Josh Laner and shot entirely by an amateur cameraman on a low cost DSLR intended for the general consumer market, he spent an entire summer walking the impoverished streets of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side talking with and filming the people that he met. The area is home to thousands of drug addicts and prostitutes.

The footage (shot in 2008) was passed on to first time director/producer Josh Laner and between them they managed to conjure up an excellent documentary which tells the story of some of the inhabitants of the area, it won a special mention award at the Bruxelles Fiction and Documentary Festival.

If you finish this hoping that some of those featured managed to clean up and improve their situation then you’ll be delighted to hear that Lisa has posted online in late 2015 to state that she is four years clean, married and living in a flat with lots of cute pets. The news on Danielle is less positive, she is apparently still addicted to hard drugs and her physical and mental health (and appearance) has significantly declined. There have been several great documentaries about this area of Vancouver, check out Through a Blue Lens (2003) and Down Here (1997) if you want more.

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