Warriors of the French Foreign Legion

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A 2002 Discovery Channel documentary about the intriguing 150+ year history of the French Foreign Legion, an elite military service branch of the French Army which is made up of foreign mercenaries. At any one time there are around ninety to one hundred different nationalities represented in the legion and whether they hail from America, China, Japan, Britain, or Russia, the men all pledge allegiance to the legion itself rather than to the French government, and it is for that reason they have the motto Legio Patria Nester (The Legion Is Our Country).

The Legions ethos is to never surrender or to leave their weapons behind, they will accept any objective and are prepared to take death to achieve it, the legion has been involved in countless number of conflicts in its history including battles against Russian Cossacks in the 19th century, the first and second world wars, and in Sarajevo in 1992. In more recent times their efforts have primarily revolved around peacekeeping in Africa, watch the three part 2007 documentary The Foreign Legion: Tougher Than The Rest for an insight into the life on a legionnaire in more recent times.

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