Violence, Drugs and Prostitution: The Murder of Kirsty Grabham

Published on 10th February 2017 by

Kirsty Wilkinson was an aspiring glamour model, her idol was Katie Price (Jordan) and she had some early success in her chosen career. She moved away from her home, her mother thought that she was doing well as a model but she hid a secret – she was also working in a brothel. It was whilst working in that brothel that she met the man of her dreams, Paul Grabham, a fantasist who was a punter at the brothel she worked in. Kirsty’s family despised Paul but she was intent on marrying him.

This is the story of prostitution, cocaine and eventually murder. The man that Kirsty married would soon end her life and dispose of her body in a suitcase, he was sentenced to life in prison. The documentary includes contributions from a forensic psychologist who attempts to create a profile of both Kirsty and Paul.

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