Vietnam: An American Holocaust

Published on 8th February 2016 by

The Vietnam War is probably the most controversial in American history, not least because of the drafting process which effectively forced American citizens to risk their lives fighting a war which didn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the security of American citizens.

Some documentaries celebrate war, some impartially observe and comment on events, Vietnam: An American Holocaust is highly critical of this particular war. It attempts to expose what the documentary makers and many of the people who featured in the film believe was a ritual and sustained mass-slaughter of Vietnamese people, carefully planned and then executed by the governments controlling the forces involved.

American soliders killed almost 5 million people during the war, mostly using incendiary bombs. The documentary is narrated by actor Martin Sheen who lent his voice in a bid to reveal the truth about the war. The film features first hand accounts by numerous Vietnamese Veterans, Vietnamese citizens who lived through the hell, and various political figures and news commentators from the period.

The film discusses the definition of a holocaust, explores previous recognized holocausts for comparison, and then concludes after analysis that the Vietnam war was indeed a holocaust carried out by American people.

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