Vance Miller: The Kitchen Gangster

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Vance Miller is an entrepreneur from Rochdale in Northern England who built one of the largest kitchen businesses in the UK in a classic rags to riches story, at one point his kitchen business Maple Industries was selling 20,000 kitchens a year, had a turnover of in excess of £20m, and was employing hundreds of people in the town of Oldham.

His business practices are however controversial and Miller has a colourful history having been jailed several times and Trading Standards (a UK government authority) issued a ‘stop now’ order against his business for supplying kitchens which were not as advertised. His reputation for shady business practices led him to be labelled by the British media as ‘The Kitchen Gangster’.

The producers of this BBC Wales documentary The Kitchen Gangster were given unprecedented access into Miller’s private life and the heart of his business empire, year of filming or broadcast unknown. Miller also featured in the BBC documentary Brit’s Get Rich In China which followed his business interests in China, where many of the parts used in his kitchens are manufactured.


Vance Miller was the subject of the 2013 biographical book Kitchen Gangster? The Story of a Serial Entrepreneur, authored by John Newton and published by Next Century Books. It is available in paperback or on kindle.

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