Trouble at the Top: Luton Kicks Off

Published on 18th February 2016 by

Trouble At The Top was a long running BBC fly-on-the-wall business based documentary series which focused on business failings or business disputes.

In this episode, Luton Kicks Off, it follows the trouble at Luton Town as they are taken over by John Gurney and a secret consortium who had purchased the club for £4. The film shows the turmoil which followed as fans protested and refused to put money into the club, Gurney gets in over his head and can’t afford to pay staff.

It leads to doubts about whether the consortium actually existed or whether Gurney had effectively been gifted the club without the means to keep it running, possibly because he wanted to benefit from the value of the land to sell to property developers. The film follows a fan group as they successfully manage to seize back control of the club from Gurney.

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