Traveller Feuds

Published on 2nd February 2016 by

An hour long documentary which looks at the problem of violence in Ireland’s travelling community. Travellers traditionally believe in settling their differences in bare knuckle boxing fights but violence among gypsies in Ireland is spiraling out of control with stabbings, shootings and even bombings occurring as a result of these family feuds getting out of control. Families are like ‘clans’ in the gypsy world, and when they fall out it becomes a battle of pride.

The documentary was aired on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom in 2013, we are unsure whether it was first broadcast in the Republic of Ireland or whether it was commissioned by Channel 5 for British television. The long tradition of fighting in traveler communities has been getting more global interest in recent times after gypsy Tyson Fury became the world heavyweight champion (see: Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King).

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