Trader: The Documentary

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Trader: The Documentary is a classic 1987 PBS feature which focused on a young hedge fund manager named Paul Tudor Jones and his firm Tudor Investments. Tudor Jones would go on to make billions of dollars and is now worth almost $5bn. The film never really saw the light of day, as soon as it was released Tudor Jones purchased most of the copies because he hated the final edit. The film has been uploaded several times online and then taken down again, at current there is an upload on vimeo embedded above which is password-only (password = view).

The film is notable in that at the time of filming the market was booming but the Tudor Jones team was correctly predicting that it would crash. It also showed Tudor Jones in a positive light with a focus on some of his charity work, and his professional attitude towards trading with other peoples money. It is surprising therefore that he disliked the film enough to want to buy up all the copies and no official explanation has ever been given, some speculate that he simply has a complex about the way that he looks when trading. Whatever the reasons, its a great documentary and a must-watch for aspiring traders. Watch more Trading documentaries here.

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