Touts on Tour

Published on 3rd February 2016 by

A fascinating 2004 documentary giving an insight into the life of two successful ticket touts, Al Coulston and ‘Slim’ Cooper. The film follows the pair to various events as they attempt to flip tickets for huge profits. The documentary is a good snapshot in time to an industry which had begun to radically change due to the growth of the internet and auction sites such as ebay, making their trade more difficult as sellers could ascertain the market value of their tickets using the internet.

This film is worth watching for the touts unique lingo alone, a language they use to make it difficult for law enforcement to interpret (ticket touting is illegal in the UK), an ‘oddie’ for example is a single ticket, not as valuable as a ticket which is part of a pair. Phil ‘Slim’ Cooper would later appear in the 2016 BBC documentary Barely Legal Grafters, he was still making his living buying and selling tickets and he opens up about a nervous breakdown that he had after the failure of his first business.

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