Tourism and the Truth: Magaluf

Published on 8th February 2017 by

Stacey Dooley visits Magaluf to show the true side of tourism at the resort on the Spanish island of Majorca. Magaluf has gained a bad reputation as a place young predominantly British and Irish tourists visit to indulge in binge drinking and the resort has gained the nickname ‘Shagaluf’.

Dooley shows the frustrations of hotel employees and emergency services as they face a constant struggle to cope with the bad behavior of the visitors, but she also shows how bar owners have to share a large part of the responsibility for their promotions and bar crawls which allow people to drink huge amounts of alcohol in a short space of time at very low prices.

This is one of three documentaries by Dooley which follow a similar theme, the others in the series are Tourism and the Truth: Thailand, and Tourism and the Truth: Kenya.

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