Titus: The Gorilla King

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Titus the gorilla was abandoned by his gorilla family as a baby and removed from normal gorilla life, to be raised by humans. He was later determined to be capable of surviving in the wild and released to live out his days in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains but no gorilla scientists could have predicted what would happen next. Despite his misfortunes as a young gorilla Titus would rise to become one of the most powerful silverbacks in the Virunga mountain region as the head of a family group.

Titus: The Gorilla King is a one hour long BBC Natural World episode which pieces together his life story using archive film and the memories of various field workers who have been studying the gorilla population in the region. It was filmed at a time when Titus at the age of 33 was facing the latest major challenge in his life, with his ally-turned-rival Kuryama jockeying for position and hoping to take over the throne.

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