We The Tiny House People

Published on 7th April 2016 by

A 2012 documentary by TV producer Kirsten Dirksen who goes on a journey to explore the world of those participating in the ‘tiny house’ movement. Thousands of people all over the United States and beyond are turning their backs on decades of mortgage debt and property bubbles to pursue much more simple self-sufficient lives in tiny homes, they can own these homes outright and in some cases become almost entirely self-sufficient.

The only characteristic that qualifies a home to be considered a ‘tiny house’ is that it is, well, tiny. Habitants have masterfully converted caves, car garages, river boats, or simply planned and built their own hobbit style houses. These people dreamed of a simplified minimalist life and claim that they have found happiness as a result.

The tiny house movement goes straight to the heart of many or most of this planets man-made environmental problems, particularly the over-consumption of natural resources which has lead to deforestation, topsoil erosion, and arguably climate change. It also offers a solution to the ever-growing global population, there are more of us so we need land and resources to be spread more thinly.

If this movement interests you then consider watching Living Small which is another documentary on the subject. The director of this documentary also produced a documentary on the Earthships project which experiments with creating self-sustaining homes.

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