Thumb Candy

Published on 8th March 2016 by

A Channel 4 documentary from the year 2000 about the history of computer games, it features interviews with numerous people who were involved in the creation of some of the classic early computer games and consoles including Tomohiro Nishikado the creator of Space Invaders, Clive Sinclair the creator of the ZX Spectrum, and Ed Logg the creator of Asteroids.

The host Iain Lee even manages to beat Shigenu Miyamoto at Donkey Kong, which is quite an achievement considering Miyamoto created the game! How did we get from ‘Pong’, the first ever computer game released in 1972, to a world crazy about computer games and fueling a $20bn a year industry? (That was the value at the time of Thumb Candy’s screening in 2000, its now worth almost $100bn a year!). Thumb Candy is an interesting watch for the younger people who don’t have an understanding of the industries foundations, only older early adopters will truly understand how quickly the industry and the technology behind it has progressed.

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