The Three Rocketeers: Future of Space Travel

Published on 19th February 2017 by

For his entire life one British man named Alan Bond has dreamed of putting mankind into space, he first started building rockets as a teenager. He went on to work with various teams who were involved in developing British rockets, first the Blue Streak rocket and then HOTOL. Each time the projects were hindered by a lack of funding by the UK government.

Due to a lack of government support Bond, together with two colleagues (Richard Varvill and John Scott-Scott) decided to go it alone to build a revolutionary new hydrogen -fuelled spacecraft called the Skylon with a reusable engine. The first proposed test flight is in 2025 and if the project is successful the spacecraft will be capable of carrying up to 11 tonnes of cargo from earth to the International Space Station – twice the capacity of the current vehicles used.

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