The World at War

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An epic 26 episode British television series which was first broadcast between October 1973 and May 1974, the production cost £900,000 to produce which was a lot of money at the time (in fact it was the most expensive factual series ever made). The series featured interviews with numerous prominent members of the Allied military and the Axis forces and has left a legacy of one of the most important documentary series ever made, single handedly reviving interest in military history and in the year 2000 achieved 19th in the BFI list of the top 100 Greatest British Television Programmes ever made.

Each episode is 52 minutes long which was standard for ITV at the time to allow time for commercial breaks, and we have all 26 of those episodes available to watch here on Documentary Vine. Navigate between the episodes via the numbered tabs beneath the video embed or via the episode link list below. You may be interested to hear that the producers of this series went on to produce a similar series about the Cold War.

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In 2005 a book by Richard Holmes was published telling the story the second world war based on interviews conducted and filmed for this series including hundreds of hours of footage which didn’t make it to screen. A selection of those additional interviews were included in that book, The World at War: The Landmark Oral History from the Previously Unpublished Archives, available in paperback or hardback.

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