The Truth About Sugar

Published on 22nd March 2016 by

A 2015 BBC production which explores the bad press which sugar has been getting in recent years, refined sugar is now believed to be a major cause of numerous common serious conditions and the public has become more conscious of their sugar consumption. It is surprising just how much sugar is used in many everyday foods.

Journalist Fiona Phillips looks into the science behind why some people have a sweet tooth and others don’t, the difference in the risks associated with the consumption of various types of sugars, and the effects that sugary drinks can have on human appetite. She also attempts to help four people change their diet, each of the four is consuming too much sugar and need to lower their sugar consumption or expose themselves to serious health risks.

This is one of a number of documentaries about the dangers of sugar in recent years, also worth a watch are The Secrets of Sugar (CBC, 2013), Sugar Crash (RTE, 2016), and That Sugar Film (2014).

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