The Truth about Depression

Published on 19th February 2016 by

A 2013 BBC documentary, Stephen Nolan explores the stigma which still surrounds depression and seeks to gain a better understanding of the illness by meeting people whose life is a constant battle against depression and the science behind the condition.

Even in 21st century Britain there are people who are skeptical about the existence of depression or who dismiss those who suffer it as being emotionally weak, yet those who suffer from it know how debilitating chronic depression can be. It can of course be fatal.

Nolan visits the University of Manchester where innovative modern brain imaging techniques are being used to study depression and the differences in the part of the brain which behaves differently when people are depressed, there are modern studies which have showed that those who have depression even show a change in the structure of their brain. This groundbreaking research effectively proves that depression is an illness of the brain.

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