The Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower

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A 2008 BBC conspiracy files episode which looks into one of the mysteries of September 11th 2001, when a third tower – 47 stories high – collapsed, just like the two towers. This third tower was known as 7 Wolrd Trade Center fell some seven hours after the others, and has become one of the most hotly discussed subjects among conspiracy theorists online in the years which have followed.

It should be noted that BBC Conspiracy Files is a series which doesn’t present conspiracy theories but rather attempts to debunk theories and discredit those who assert them. It also is also worth noting that the BBC themselves have been the focus of some conspiracy theories after they purportedly accidentally announced the collapse of building seven 20 minutes before the event.

Former MI5 spy David Shayler and film maker Adrian Connock produced and released a critical response of this conspiracy files episode called 9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy.

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