The Suffolk Strangler

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Between 30th October and 10th December 2006 the bodies of five local prostitutes were found in different locations near the town of Ipswich in the East of England, every body was found naked but none of the bodies showed any sign of sexual assault. The local police launched Operation Sumac in order to try and catch the killer, drafting in investigators from other police authorities because the case was too large for the local force.

The Suffolk Strangler (2009) is a documentary which tells the story of Steve Wright, the man who was eventually apprehended, charged, and then convicted of the murders. It features interviews with some of the officers involved in the case, as well as other prostitutes who explain what it was like to have to continue to work the streets to fund their drug habits despite knowing that a serial killer was on the loose. See also: Killer in a Small Town.


Journalist Paul Harrison and Professor of Criminology David Wilson co-authored the 2008 book Hunting Evil: Inside the Ipswich Serial Murders, the pair arrived on the scene from the moment that the first body was discovered. The book is available as a paperback, it has not yet been made available on kindle.

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