The Story of Technoviking

Published on 1st April 2016 by

You’ve seen that epic video of that Nordic looking beast of a man dancing behind a sound system at a street rave, right? The ‘Techno Viking’ is one of the most famous viral videos of all time, but for years nobody knew who the man was and efforts to track him down were unsuccessful.

The video was actually filmed at the Berlin ‘Fuckparada’ in the year 2000 by a man named Matthias Fritsch and the video was first uploaded onto the internet a year later in 2001. It was first uploaded to YouTube in 2006 and first went truly viral in 2007, it has since been featured on various TV shows and hit the front page of various social sites, by 2010 the original YouTube upload had hit 20 million views, although the total number of views will have far exceeded that due to it being uploaded numerous times and on numerous sites.

In 2009 the Viking’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the videos creator and from that point he made no money from the advertising revenue on YouTube, later the man decided to sue outright for a share in the profits from the video. He won the case and was awarded 13,000 euros in compensation and Fritsch was also forced to pay the legal costs, the outcome of the case put him in debt.

Fritsch decided to make a documentary about of the experience, successfully raising money through crowdfunding to produce the film, and this 2015 documentary The Story of Technoviking (2015) is the finished article. The identify of Techno Viking remains unknown by the public 15 years later.

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