The Startup Kids

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The Startup Kids is a 2012 documentary about the newest generation of internet startup entrepreneurs in the US and Europe, it talks about how the game had been changing and features interviews with the founders of some of the most exciting startups of the time (including Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Dropbox who all went on to achieve great success) as well as some prominent venture capitalists and a blogger from the leading industry news source TechCrunch.

The film was made by two young female entrepreneurs from Iceland, who themselves had started a business in the aftermath of the great Icelandic banking crisis. A decent watch for people who have aspirations to build their own successful tech business or who are involved in the startup scene in some way. Watch more Tech documentaries here.

NB: Unfortunately this documentary upload is currently trailer only due to the original source video being removed, we will replace the embed should a free version appear online again. In the meantime it can be streamed on
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