The Secrets of Sugar

Published on 11th April 2017 by

The Secrets of Sugar is a 2013 documentary by CBC which examines the human addiction to sugar and the devastating effects that it is having on human health, it explores recent research which has pinpointed sugar as a cause of some of our most common life-threatening ailments including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Is sugar the most prevalent addiction in society? And is it killing us in record numbers?

For decades we were warned about the health risks of eating too much fat or too much salt, but science is shifting its focus towards sugar. Could sugar be the real problem? This is one of a number of documentaries about the dangers of sugar in recent years, also worth a watch are The Truth about Sugar (BBC, 2015), Sugar Crash (RTE, 2016), and That Sugar Film (2014).

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