The Sakawa Boys: Internet Scamming in Ghana

Published on 1st March 2016 by

Any discussion about internet scamming and you’d automatically think of the emails you get from a Nigerian prince promising you a $5,000,000 share of his $100,000,000 inheritance if you just lend him $5,000 so he can do the Western Union transfer. It is however the Ghanaian who have taken over as kings of the 401 game, armed with a secret weapon – witchcraft!

In this documentary s Vice crew visit Ghana to meet the ‘Sakawa Boys’ and investigates the role of Juju priests who offer costly rituals to internet scammers who have had a dry spell, in return for cold hard cash the Juju priests will perform a ritual which they claim will transform their spiel into one which is simply irresistible to wealthy Americans.

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