The Rise of the SNP

Published on 25th February 2016 by

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) were once a fringe party in politics and at times in laughing stock, perceived as fantasists who were wasting their time trying to pursue objectives that they would never be in a position to fulfill, but in recent years they have gained traction rapidly and in 2015 they shocked the world by winning 54 of the 59 Scottish seats in the UK general election.

They had narrowly missed out in 2014 in achieving their ultimate goal, which is to take Scotland out of the United Kingdom and establish the country as an independent state. In The Rise of the SNP (2015) Sarah Smith charts the parties meteoric rise from their humble beginnings in 1934 all the way up to their current status as the third biggest party in British politics by number of seats, only Labour and the Conservatives have more MP’s in Westminster.

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