The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

Published on 28th April 2017 by

A feature length (two hour long) 2007 documentary produced by Unity Productions Foundation and Gardner Films for PBS which tells the story of how over one thousand years ago the country of Spain was home to Jews, Christians, and Muslims who co-inhabited the lands peacefully. It is one of civilizations most important periods, where the West and the Arabic world intertwined and shared knowledge and innovations, the Arabic world at the time was leading the world in science. Still today there is visual evidence of the presence of Muslims in Spain, with architecture with obvious Middle Eastern influence and churches which look like mosques.

For more about the Islamic influence on some of the science that we depend on in the modern age – including algebra and the algorithms which the entire existence of the internet depend on – then consider watching the three part BBC documentary series Science and Islam (2006), and for more on the history of Islam in Spain, France, and Italy in the Middle Ages watch the BBC documentary An Islamic History of Europe (2005).

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