The Perfect Home

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A three part 2009 Channel 4 documentary series presented by the author Alain de Botton, based on de Botton’s book The Architecture of Happiness. In the series de Botton explores various innovations in home architecture and examines various architectural styles from different time periods, he explains how we got to the current style of building, what defines a buildings beauty, and how we could improve on current home design.

During the third episode de Botton approaches Bellway Homes, one of the UK’s biggest homebuilders, with some examples of contemporary designs being used in The Netherlands and puts forward an argument that UK homebuilders should adopt aspects of their architecture as an alternative. Bellway responded positively and tested some more modern design in a development in Suffolk as a result. There were some criticisms of the series with some critics stating that they thought the subject matter was too complex for this television format and was better left in a book.


The series is based on de Botton’s Number 1 International bestselling book The Architecture of Happiness, which you can purchase in paperback, hardback, kindle and audiobook formats.

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