The Oxy Trap

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The Oxy Trap is a 2011 documentary by Cody Goodfellow about the fast growing problem of addiction to prescribed pharmacuetical drugs such as Oxycontin, a synthetic time-release opiate. The film explores, using extensive interviews, the addiction cycle of a number of people that Goodfellow grew up with. He had left his hometown to play college baseball and returned to find that many of his friends had become addicted to these drugs and were committing serious crimes to fund their addictions.

The Oxycontin epidemic has led to a heroin epidemic, many people who become addicted to prescribed Oxycontin – sometimes becoming hooked whilst recovering from major surgery – find that when their supply is halted their drugs are far too expensive on the black market, they instead resort to buying street heroin instead. Also check out the documentary Gateway to Heroin which explores the Oxycontin epidemic in Boston and a corresponding increase in heroin use in the city.

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