The Overtaken

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The Overtaken is a 2012 documentary highlighting tough battles fought by young adults suffering from drug addiction or otherwise affected by drugs as told by the young adults themselves. The film was produced by two mothers with the intention that it would be shown in American schools, it has subsequently been approved by many school districts and shown as an educational documentary in high schools.

The viewer meets Aaron who was a successful high-school athlete and talented football player, until he overdosed on Oxycontin and spent three weeks in a coma. He is now quadriplegic and whilst understanding everything that is said to him is unable to communicate normally himself. The film also tells the story of Asia Armour, a popular high school cheerleader who overdosed on ecstasy. She was in a coma for two months, two years later and she is still going through extensive rehabilitation, she will never dance again and can’t talk properly.

Another to feature among others is a young girl who was a highly gifted student with a high GPA, scholarship offers and elected to the school government. Her life went wrong when she started drinking alcohol and taking ecstasy at the age of 17, within months she had graduated to heroin.

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