The Lost Race: History of the National Front

Published on 20th February 2016 by

A 1999 BBC documentary which looked into the history of the extreme far-right political party the National Front, a party which throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s was Britain’s most popular far right party and peaked at around 17,500 paying members in the Seventies. The party’s most significant general election result came in Leicester, a city with a large Asian immigrant population, where it once won 20% of the seats.

Contributors to the documentary included former leader John Tyndall and senior officials Nick Griffin and Martin Webster. The programme also looked at the spin-off groups the British Nationalist Party and the National Liberal Party. It was of course the BNP who would go on to become the largest far-right nationalist party in the UK under the leadership of Nick Griffin.

You may also enjoy the 1997 documentary The Truth Behind The Front, for which BBC journalists infiltrated the party and filmed undercover. They caught Griffin admitting on camera that he had plans to merge the National Front with the BNP.

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