The Last Lions of India

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The Last Lions of India is a 2006 BBC Natural World documentary about Asiatic lions, a species of lion which differ in appearance and behaviour to African lions and are native to India. At one point this species of lions was close to extinction a century ago, not helped by the British forces shooting dead hundreds of the animals in the 19th century. At the turn of the century there were believed to be just 20 of the lions in the wild, they once ruled supreme all over Asia.

The lions can be now be found in the Gir Forest in Gujarat, where they are afforded protection and are thriving. There are now believed to be around 300 of the lions in the wild and they are spreading out across the region, many prides are leaving the protection of the National Park and reclaiming some of their historic stomping grounds.

The documentary tells the uplifting story of what has been conservation success story, but also of the new challenges which are faced by their growing population and the need that prides have to colonize new habitats.

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