The Krays: Unfinished Business

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The Krays: Unfinished Business was an ITV documentary and part of a two part documentary series (the other part was Inside the Firm). A lot of the documentary is focused on the death Frank ‘The Mad Axeman’ Mitchell, who had befriended Ronnie Kray in prison in the 1950’s, Ronnie would later fund Mitchell’s legal fees when he was tried for attempted murder.

In 1966 Mitchell escaped from custody and sparked a huge national manhunt, associates of the Krays were involved in the escape and Mitchell would find refuge in a property owned by the Krays. He would later however cause major problems for the Kray firm because he was unwilling to hand himself back in to the authorities and began threatening the firm. Fearing that they would be imprisoned for aiding the escape of a prisoner and then harboring them, the firm felt they had no option but to murder him.

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