The Krays: The Prison Years

Published on 4th February 2016 by

There have been literally dozens of documentaries about The Krays over the years, but all seem to focus on their activities before their eventual imprisonment in 1968. Both of the twins spent far more of their adult life inside prison than they did outside of it, The Krays: The Prison Years readdresses the balance a little bit.

This Discovery Channel documentary tells the story of their incarceration, from the conclusion of their 30 day trial, Ronnie’s committal to Broadmoor the high security mental hospital, and the various relationships they maintained in the inside as well as the business operations they continued to operate on the outside. Both of the Kray Twins married whilst incarcerated. Various people are interviewed for the film including associates Freddie Foreman and Will Pine.


There are several published books about the life of The Krays in prison, the most acclaimed so far has perhaps been the Robin McGibbon book The Krays: Their Life Behind Bars, available in paperback or on kindle.

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