The Internet Warriors

Published on 10th March 2017 by

A short 2017 documentary made by Norwegian filmmaker Kyrre Lein for The Guardian, it explores the worlds of the internet keyboard warrior, meeting several people who argue, troll, and harass people online – often anonymously – in the name of furthering their own political agendas or beliefs. A somewhat poignant documentary for the days of Trump vs Clinton, Brexit vs Remain, and the rise of fake news and slacktivism.

These people spend many hours debating online about the subjects they care most about, whether that is animal rights or the preservation of their race, often they fall foul the rules of the platforms that they use to spread their message. Do these people act the same way and use the same language offline, or do they separate their online persona from their offline lives? The documentary was accompanied by an article which gave some background on the people to feature.

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