The Hacker Wars

Published on 1st March 2016 by

A feature length 2014 documentary about modern day hacking (or ‘hacktivism’) and the global battle over internet freedom and privacy. It focuses on the exploits of ‘Weev’, a young hacker who fights online for the protection of freedom of speech.

It also explores the harsh sentences being handed to hackers who humiliate corporations and governments. The powerful coming down hard on the little guy like a big bully for daring to take them on. Even if you don’t find yourself having any sympathy towards the plight of hackers after watching this documentary it will make you realise just how little privacy you really have online.

One of the people to feature in the film is the American journalist Barrett Brown, who was sentenced to 63 months in prison in January 2015 for crimes relating to an FBI investigation into a leak of classified documents belonging to global intelligence company Stratfor. He was released in November 2016 and moved into a halfway house in Dallas, Texas (see: Relatively Free, 2016).

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