The Genius of Mozart

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A three part 2004 BBC docudrama which chronicles the extraordinary but short life of prolific German composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it explores the genius of this revolutionary composer with dramatized scenes intersected by documentary segments presented by the conductor Charles Hazlewood who would later also present the 2005 BBC series The Genius of Beethoven.

Episode 1: Miracle of Nature

The first episode challenges the widely held belief that Mozart was born a musical genius, exploring his years as a child prodigy and exploring his relationship with his father Leopold.

Episode 2: A Passion for the Stage

The second episode focuses on Mozart’s three celebrated operas: The Magic Flute, Idomeneo, and The Marriage of Figaro, and the lasting impact they had on the world of musical theater.

Episode 3: The First Romantic

The third and final episode examines the turbulent final few years of Mozart’s life, a period in which he experienced numerous tragedies including the death of his father as well as four of his children. Despite his grief he was able to compose some of his most celebrated work in these years.

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